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Prescription Painkiller Use in Canada

Prescription Painkiller Canada is currently ranked 2nd for the world’s biggest consumers of pharmaceutical opioids. Despite the fact that the country is experiencing some of its worst numbers for opioid abuse and overdoses, the number of painkiller prescriptions continue to increase. Ironically, another number that continues to increase is the number of therapies meant to [...]

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How to Stop Smoking Weed

Marijuana is the most popularly used illegal drug in Canada, and Canadian youth possess some of the highest user numbers (28%) compared to other developed countries. It has been reported that the chronic use of marijuana can have dangerous effects within the body, affecting both the physical and mental aspects of the body and impeding [...]

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Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Traveling for Addiction Treatment Improves Long-Term Recovery When an individual has made the decision to visit a rehabilitation centre for their addiction, a few questions might come to mind first including, “Where should I go?”, “Should I stay near home?” and “Would I benefit from going away?” Oftentimes users will assume that it makes the [...]

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6 Warning Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioids are a type of medicine that are commonly used to help relieve pain. To do this, opioids alter the signals being sent between the body and the brain, thus relieving the intensity of the pain and discomfort felt. Opioids also have the ability to alter the way the brain responds to pain, and are [...]

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How Does Methadone Treatment Work?

Methadone is a type of opioid that is used both to alleviate pain, and can also be used to taper individuals off of other opioids for which they’ve become addicted. Although methadone does not affect individuals in the same way that other addictive opioids can, it still maintains the potential to become addictive. When used [...]

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President Trump Fails to Hit the Mark with Opioid Problem Plan

President Trump Fails to Hit the Mark with Opioid Problem Plan, Health Authorities Say With the White House’s plan to deal with opioid problem, the authorities have countered the Trump administration’s justice and health policies, according to advocates and politicians. On Wednesday, the Trump administration declared its launch for a commission that aims to study [...]

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Drug Addiction Problem in the US

Drug addiction / abuse is considered as one of the most usual public health concerns in the US. Based on records, more than twenty million Americans are known as former and current drug abusers. Drug addiction is also the most common reasons why many citizens are involved vehicular accidents, incarcerations, employment problems and financial burdens. The [...]

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