Activities to Enjoy While Docking:

Great exercise and easy on your joints, swimming is a perfect exercise to including during your stay. It can be both physically and mentally healing. Docking here includes use of the pool as well.
Anchor in at our diving dock to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of jumping into the St. Lawrence River.
If you’ve never fished before, now is the time to try. Hours sitting quietly in nature while also trying your hand at this skill that requires patience can be quite rewarding.
1000 Islands is famous for a variety of land features and historical sites. Dock here to be close to the Boldt Castle which offers tours from May to mid-October. There is also the gorgeous stretch of river known as Millionaires’ Mile which features breathtaking mansions and natural scenery.
Give your arm muscles a workout and enjoy the river at its finest with our kayak rentals.
Partake in all the activities of 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab docking any time during your stay with us. Call us at (855) 885-5805 to learn more.

Why Addiction Treatment is Necessary

The effects of addiction are downright destructive and devastating. A person suffering from abuse is vulnerable to mental, emotional, and physiological problems and when left unaddressed, addiction is a one way ticket to death. Alcoholics not only personally suffer due to their alcohol addiction but go through financial and social problems that ruin their lives and the lives of the problem around them.When is it time to seek addiction treatment? Anytime is the best time to get help and finally put an end to your addiction problem. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is here to help!

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How Our Addiction Treatment in Toronto Helps

We provide a positive and productive new beginning for our patient through the best alcohol addiction treatment programs, allowing them to stay away from alcohol and other substances.Our professional staffs help our patients recover and repair their important relationships that were destroyed because of their drinking problems.

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