The St. Lawrence River offers some of the best freshwater diving in North America. Explore the area as part of your stay at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab centre and get a chance to travel to another world just beneath the surface of what you see. Here, you’ll find schools of fish, historical shipwrecks and breathtaking sights that will feel like a Jacque Cousteau film come to life.

Features of Diving in the St. Lawrence River

Year-round visibility is a huge part of what makes this area so popular for divers. Unlike other dive sites, here you won’t be restricted by time of year or other visibility conditions.
Tons to Explore:
Wreckage sites and wall formations make diving in this section of the St. Lawrence a consistent adventure. Some notable wreckage sites include: Keystorm and Lillie Parsons.
Photography Opportunities:
Along with shipwrecks and walls, you might catch a school of shimmering silverfish swimming by. There is also plenty of scenery worthy of picture taking above the surface with tons of animal and plant life thriving in the area.
Times for Warm Water:
July and August are the warmest water months and temperatures can be up to and beyond 70°F/21°C. Even as late as mid-October waters can still hover around 65°F/18°C.

As with all of our offered activities, diving in the St. Lawrence can be a beneficial addition to your rehab. Here, you can take a break away from your formal treatment and enjoy the water and the healing benefits of doing something that lets you engage with your environment without being overwhelmed by it.

Schedule your diving tour once you’re checked in at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab or call ahead at (855) 885-5805 to find out more.

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