Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre in Thousand Islands

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands is located in the Thousand Islands Region just 3 hours away from Toronto, Ontario, offering dedicated professional addiction treatment programs to our patients as they take the first steps towards drug and alcohol recovery. Our team of professionals guides our clients in every way possible especially in providing top quality addiction rehab care through a reliable and highly trained, efficient staff.

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Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada deals with the following addiction problems day in and day out, until they completely disappear from your life…

marijuana addiction

Marijuana Addiction

Our top-of-the-line and comprehensive inpatient treatment facility provides assistance to marijuana addiction sufferers, from the first crucial stage of recovery to aftercare services. We make sure you get all the help you can get from the…

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alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada offers a wide variety of treatment approach to address alcohol addiction and dependence. We make individual diagnosis and customize our treatment approach based on the needs of our individual clients…

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heroin addiction

Heroin Addiction

We effectively deal with heroin addiction through our professionally guided approach to recovery from the supervised withdrawal to follow up treatments once the excruciating withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

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cocain addiction

Cocain Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada specializes in a thorough residential cocaine treatment program, delivering round the clock treatment and care services. We have 24/7 surveillance of all our patients that are severely suffering from cocaine, monitoring their progress, and determining…

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meth addiction

Meth Addiction

Our facility is fully equipped to address substance abuse problems particularly on methamphetamine drugs that are commonly abused due to its obesity-treating properties. We have the professionals and treatment programs that deal with this banned drug in Canada.

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opioids addiction

Opioids Addiction

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada provides a comprehensive treatment approach to help addicts that are suffering from opioids abuse and dependence. Our varied addiction treatment programs are administered based on the personal needs of our patients in an atmosphere…

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Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada Overview

Are you struggling with addiction? A huge population in Canada is grappling with the problem of substance abuse, whether it is alcohol or drugs, and the figure is seemingly not going down. We are an exclusive treatment center that offers addiction treatment programs for drug and mental disorders and addictions. Our team offers two main services, one for the person addicted to drugs and alcohol and one for their loved ones who are affected by the impact of substance abuse in a daily basis.

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