Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid Addiction Treatment

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab offers opioid addiction treatment. Opioid addiction continues to be one of the bigger medical issues in Canada. Prescription Opioids treat chronic pain. Prolonged use leads to dependence. In addition, non-medical use of opioids not obtained through legal sources continues to be a problem. These streams are frequently laced or cut with other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. A clinical detoxification and therapeutic approach is required to remove dependence on opioids.  Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab’s comprehensive treatment program is recognized as one of the most successful in Canada.

The Dangers of Opiods

Opiods are used in pain management. For users there is a described feeling of euphoria “high”. High dosage use causes drowsiness, respiratory issues and can lead to coma or death. Injection of opiods can damage the circulatory system and organs. Sharing of needles or injecting increases the risk of getting infections such as HIF and Hep C. Long term use creates a physical dependence with ever increasing tolerance to the effects. This means that users must increase dosage to feel the same high. There have been increasing instances of overdoses in Canada over the last few years.

Is it time to get help?

If you feel that you are becoming addicted it is never too early to get professional help. Family members who believe that their loved one or friends have an opioid problem can call for help or intervention. The long-term objective of the opioid addiction treatment program at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab is to provide lasting, zero relapse recovery.

We help to identify the signs of dependency.

  • You have overused your painkilling medications and you need to frequently visit a doctor to get your prescription
  • Doctor shopping or visiting numerous doctors just to get multiple prescriptions?
  • Acquisition or stealing painkillers that are prescribed to others
  • Putting money, energy, and time into getting your opioid medications
  • You feel depressed, irritated, and sick if you have not taken any opioid drugs?
  • Have you tried to quit but have been unsuccessful?

 What does Opioid Treatment Involve?

The first step is to thoroughly understand the intensity of the individual’s opioid dependency. This will be critical to identify the needs and of our client. Finally, we then proceed with the program. Our programs include Medically supervised Detox, Counselling (group and individual), life management courses, meditation and yoga therapy, physical therapy and other therapeutic behaviour therapy.

The level and stage of the individual’s opioid addiction is initially and comprehensively assessed in order to identify their unique needs. We proceed with our treatment processes and methods including aftercare services to avoid relapse, detox, counselling services, life management courses, meditation and yoga therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy.

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab offers professional, confidential, and complete opioid addiction treatment for individuals and their family and loved ones in Canada. We are conveniently located in the Thousand Islands in the middle of everything and a short drive from Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Hamilton and easily accessible by air from right across Canada with 2 major airports close by. Consult an addiction specialist today and know more about our opioid addiction treatment.

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