Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehab

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab offers alcohol addiction treatment through a personalized approach unique to each client. Our facility is one of the most trusted and accomplished centers in the world that provides alcohol addiction treatment to clients from North America and the world. We know that alcohol abuse and dependence destroys lives, relationships and families. Our exclusive and confidential treatment programs aim to help addicts put an end to their alcohol addiction problem and provide assistance to recovering alcoholics to avoid any possibilities of relapse.

What our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Offers

Our professional staff at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab specialize in a holistic, therapeutic treatment approach so that we treat the entire individual and not just their chemical alcohol addiction. Our alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Canada uses the following processes to address substance abuse and dependence in this particular area:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our alcohol addiction treatment program starts with a detailed evaluation of the client so that we know what level of alcohol addiction they have. The initial assessment is the stage where are able to identify the problems, the underlying root of the addiction problem, and then customize a treatment plan based on the results of our assessment.

The Alcohol Addiction Treatment Processes

We tailor our alcohol rehab treatment program to answer to the unique and specific needs of our client, using the result of their initial assessment as basis of our alcohol addiction treatment plan. Our holistic, therapeutic alcohol addiction treatment approach includes the following:

  • Supervision of the alcohol detoxification phase
  • Music and art therapy sessions
  • Therapeutic counselling sessions for group, individual, and the family of the client
  • Yoga, Pilates, and meditation
  • Physical fitness and nutrition or dietary counselling
  • Aftercare services and planning

Why Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Necessary

The effects of alcohol addiction are destructive and devastating. A person suffering from alcohol abuse is vulnerable to mental, emotional, and physiological problems and when left unaddressed, alcohol addiction many times leads to death. Alcoholics not only physically and mentally suffer due to their alcohol addiction but the resulting financial and social issues can destroy their lives.

When is it time to seek alcohol addiction treatment? Now is the time to get help and finally put an end to your alcohol addiction problem. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is here to help!

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