Amphetamine Addiction Rehab

Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine addiction continues to be a serious issue, especially among youth where numbers affected by addiction are increasing. Long term use of Amphetamines can cause paranoia and hysteria. High doses can affect the heart, cause stroke and lethal seizures. As use goes up so does tolerance which can cause people to use higher doses for the same effect. Dependence and addiction occurs with higher use.

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada offers a comprehensive amphetamine addiction program with customized processes and methods.

Amphetamine Addiction – What is It?

Amphetamine is a potent form of stimulant. Stimulants are commonly used to treat conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. Amphetamines speed up heart rate, increase body temperature and make it hard to sleep and eat. Other symptoms include aggression, getting dizzy, tremors, paranoia and possible hallucinations. Prescription amphetamines are in pill form but illegal versions are frequently injected which can cause other complications and health risks.

The Ugly Face of Amphetamine Addiction Up Close

Amphetamine psychosis is one of the most serious and alarming effects of addiction. Over-consumption and abuse of amphetamine causes long term mental problems such as extreme anxiety, hallucination, paranoia, and can lead to serious psychosis. This psychosis can lead to violent behaviour.

Coming Off your Amphetamine Addiction

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab provides successful amphetamine treatment. In order to overcome your addiction, you need professional help. Our professional Medical team, Clinical and Therapeutic staff will put together a comprehensive and specific program for your needs.

Our Holistic Amphetamine Addiction Approach

The first step to overcoming your addiction will be a Medically Supervised detox program. Our staff evaluate your specific requirements and cater a program to ensure that you have the tools needed to overcome your dependence. Our program includes individual and group counselling, family counselling, mediation and yoga therapy, physical fitness and nutrition.

Talk to our professional addiction treatment specialists if you or someone you love is suffering from amphetamine addiction because the earlier the treatment, the better!

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