Addiction is a worldwide problem and Canada is one of the heavily affected, given the proliferation of illicit drugs in the country in the previous years. The Canadian government exerts all efforts to stop the spread of drugs and the problem of addiction in the country. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is a private rehabilitation facility that helps addicts put an end to their problem and helps you bounce back to an addiction-free lifestyle. The first step towards treatment is through identifying the different signs of addiction.

What are the Signs of Addiction?

Identifying addiction is a tricky and challenging task as most people who are prone to substance abuse are in constant denial of their addiction problems. Addiction to drugs and alcohol starts off as harmless, recreational habits but this disease is quite progressive. The signs of addiction manifest in different ways especially when the addict has already developed high tolerance and engages in intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The signs of addiction in different aspects of your person go beyond what is obvious in the physical level. Addiction treatment is a necessity when you are already grappling with multiple signs of addiction and their impact to your day to day life:

Physical Signs of Addiction

Addiction manifests in the different areas of your physiology such as repetitive speech patterns, under-active or over-active tendencies, dilated pupils and red eyes, weight loss, and alterations in your eating habits. Addiction also affects the complexion of a person such as getting pale or undernourished, excessive runny nose and sniffing, and the unusual smell or body odour simply because of your neglect of your personal hygiene.

Behavioural Signs of Addiction

Addiction changes the behaviour of a person especially in your zest for life. Addicts make the substance their entire life thus other priorities and commitments are no longer of value. You start missing school or work and other important engagements. You become isolated and secretive about your activities that usually include your addiction and what you do to satisfy your cravings. You experience disrupted sleep patterns and marital or relationship programs. Due to a significant change in behaviour, addiction also leads to experiencing legal problems and brushing with the law.

Emotional Signs of Addiction

People who are grappling with addiction are oftentimes argumentative and irritable, defensive and confrontational, and do not have the disposition or ability to deal with stress. Addicts have a loss of interest in doing anything else in their lives other than their addiction. One of the prominent signs of addiction is denial and confusion and the tendency to divert the topic especially when your addiction is discussed. Addiction makes people blame others or minimize the impact or seriousness of the problem.

Addiction is a sure way to self-destruction but there are initiatives to stop substance abuse particularly if you seek professional help from Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada. We help you see and understand the different signs of addiction and provide the best addiction treatment programs, based on your background and needs. Call now for details!