Peer Coaching

A peer coach is a vital person during the recovery period from addiction. A recovery addict goes through several activities and aftercare programs in order to maintain a sober lifestyle. There are support groups available that would certainly help you and give you the assistance you need especially in battling the evil of relapse. You also need to keep up with your ongoing treatment appointments as well as adopt a healthy lifestyle for sobriety. A peer coach is an essential person or co-journeyer in your quest towards an addiction-free life.


What is a Peer Coach?

A peer coach is an individual who is professionally trained in order to work with recovering addicts in rebuilding their lives after the treatment. Addiction treatment experts basically deem peer coaches as a vital part of recovery.


What do peer coaches do?

Your peer coach basically assists you during the recovery phase through providing motivations in order to keep your sober lifestyle. These individuals are active participants or players in your recovery journey and are especially involved in your alcohol- and drug-free activities. Peer coaches also facilitate the living arrangements of recovering clients, finding a safe place for them to stay. The safest places for a recovering addict are where they would have limited to no exposure to stress or triggering factors that would cause them to relapse.


What makes peer coaches different from a sponsor?

A peer coach is not the same as your regular addiction recovery sponsor or a licensed therapist. The main difference is the first-hand experience of these individuals in issues of addiction and substance abuse. For instance, peer coaches went through the same struggles and treatment methods as any recovering clients did. Peer coaches have endured the same struggles, healed, and recovered from their own bouts with addiction. Thus, peer coaches have the authority and significant insight simply because they can empathise with someone in the same boat. Peer coaches have embarked on the same journey so they know exactly what you are going through.


Responsibility Outline of a Peer Coach

There are several ways that a peer coach could provide a helping hand for your recovery. A peer coach offers the following assistance:


  • Find a sober living home
  • Teach life skills for recovering clients such as finance management
  • Help set specific yet attainable goals during the recovery period
  • Develop action plans for recovery and sobriety
  • Hang out and just become a friend
  • Help individuals avoid triggers and temptations that would lead to relapse
  • Introduce a recovering individual to another new set of sober friends or support systems
  • Provide companionship and motivation for the individual who is struggling especially during the first few months of recovery


Substance abuse treatment and recovery could easily go south without proper help and assistance from the right aftercare program and support system. A peer coach is the missing puzzle piece for your road to complete and long-term recovery. Find a peer coach in your area today.