Marijuana Rehab Toronto – Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana addiction is still one of the most gripping substance abuse problems in Canada and the pending legitimization of the drug in 2017 is raising opposing views on the issue. Over-consumption of marijuana results in various physical and psychological issues including the paranoia, hallucination, and violent behaviours. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada offers marijuana addiction treatment in an exclusive and highly confidential environment. We have a team of professionals that work with individuals who are addicted to marijuana but want to stop this nasty addiction for good.

Marijuana Addiction Inclient Treatment Programs

The professional substance abuse experts in our team are trained and experienced in their field, particularly in working with people that are undergoing marijuana addiction treatment. We have therapists, counsellors, and addiction specialists that handle the challenging and difficult recovery processes from the admission to our aftercare services. Being addicted to marijuana is a hard habit to break and we make sure that we have all the facilities and workforce to provide a supportive and productive environment for our clients.

Individual Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana addiction requires different treatment methods that cater to the unique needs of the substance abuser. We treat each of our clients in a different way, mainly based on the results of their initial assessment or evaluation. Our diagnosis of the level and stage of addiction that our client is going through will serve as our guideline in formulating and implementing the best marijuana addiction treatment program.

Our customized treatment plans for individuals that are addicted to marijuana include:

  • Recreation programs
  • Holistic treatment approaches such as yoga and meditation therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Relapse prevention information
  • Life management
  • Counselling for individuals, groups, and families
  • Nutritional and dietary counselling
  • Physical fitness and personal training
  • Aftercare treatment solutions

Marijuana Addiction is a Serious Problem

Addiction to and abuse of marijuana or cannabis is a serious problem that destroying lives more than you could ever imagine. Using marijuana per se is not the problem but the abuse and over-consumption of the substance is. Marijuana addiction results in various health-related problems as well as psychological, social, and mental repercussions.

When to Seek Help for Marijuana Addiction Treatment

When marijuana addiction goes out of control, the person is no longer who he is. There are changes in the behaviour as well as in the appearance of the marijuana addict which could be telltale signs that you need professional help as soon as possible. People who are addicted to marijuana become irritable, have no motivation to work or go to school, and are overly anxious with compulsion that adversely affects any relationships. Marijuana addiction isolates people and this only shows that you are on the verge of extreme substance abuse.

Marijuana addiction needs to stop and if you are grappling with the problem of quitting weed, make sure you call Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada. Seek marijuana addiction treatment in a private, exclusive, and confidential environment with a holistic approach to recovery.

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