Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction continues to plague Canada as one of the top substances that are most prone to use and abuse. The 2017 legalization of marijuana in the country is raising even more opposing views regarding this sensitive issue. There are several physiological and psychological aftermaths that are connected to the over-consumption of and addiction to the substance. It is essential to know the signs of addiction to determine if you or a loved one is in dire need of intervention or treatment right away.


Marijuana Effects and Related Problems

The effects of marijuana addiction are encompassing and far-reaching. There are physical impacts to the person such as violent behaviours, paranoia, and hallucination. Marijuana or cannabis when unregulated and abused could pose a threat and serious problem not just to the individuals who are addicted to the substance but their family and the society in general. Addiction to marijuana leads to health-related problems, social, mental, and psychological repercussions.


Individual Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Different clients require a unique and personalized treatment program for their substance abuse problem. These methods cater to the different unique needs and responses of the individual toward the treatment program. The customised treatment program is mainly based on the evaluation or initial assessment of the client. The basic guidelines for administering and creating this program are the stage of the individual’s addiction and the diagnosis of the substance addict when he first submits to treatment.


The treatment program is formulated and implemented according to the evaluation of the client and would generally include the following:


  • Recreation programs
  • Music and art therapy
  • Counseling (Individual, family, and groups)
  • Holistic treatment approaches (meditation and yoga therapy)
  • Life management
  • Personal training, physical fitness, and workout routine
  • Dietary and nutritional counseling
  • Aftercare solutions


What to Look for in a Rehab Facility

There are numerous rehabilitation centres and facilities in Canada. There are private and government-funded rehab facilities where you can get the treatment you need or if a loved one requires intervention and treatment right away. Private and government-funded rehabs have different features that would spell a difference between the two including the length of admission and the cost of the treatment program in general. However, there are certain features that a high-quality rehab should possess such as the team of professionals that are working for the overall operations of the facility.

Look for a rehab centre with licensed, trained, and professional addiction therapists, counsellors, addiction specialists, and medical practitioners. You need a facility with clean and well-maintained amenities that are conducive to treatment and recovery. The right facility has the best treatment programs and operations from admission to aftercare. These programs must be customized according to the unique needs of the clients.

Marijuana addiction destroys lives and Canadians are no strangers to the tremendous effects of cannabis or marijuana to individuals and societies. Check out the most effective and highly approved treatment programs for marijuana addiction. Make sure you choose the right rehabilitation facility today.