Inhalants Addiction Treatment

Inhalants addiction is as serious and fatal when left unaddressed for a longer period of time, just as any other illicit drugs are. Although not as popular as other illegally abused substances, inhalants are also quite common in Canada thus inhalants addiction treatment is of highest importance. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is a rehabilitation facility that provides comprehensive and supportive treatment programs for those who are suffering from inhalants addiction.

Inhalants Addiction and Withdrawal

Coming off inhalants is a daunting challenge since the withdrawal symptoms are excruciatingly uncomfortable and unpleasant. Those who are addicted to inhalants oftentimes go back to their addiction simply because they do not have the right support and assistance, especially when the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in. Some of the pertinent issues of inhalants addiction include muscle cramps, headaches, excessive sweating, agitation, nausea, chills, and episodes of shaking and hallucinations. Convulsions are also possible with inhalants addiction withdrawal especially in severe cases.

Different Types of Inhalants

There are four main categories of inhalants with their corresponding impact on the body and other aspects including mental, psychological, and emotional. Liquids are one group of substance that is quite common with inhalants addiction and some basic examples are those that vaporize at normal room temperatures. The likes of felt-tip marker fluids, paint thinners, glues, gasoline, and degreasers are liquid inhalants that have drastic effects on the body of the substance abuser.

Sprays including hair sprays, deodorants, and spray paints are also deadly when you are hooked into inhaling these substances in large dosage or amount. Vegetable oil sprays, fabric protector sprays, and cooking oil sprays are also included in the category. Gases and nitrites are the other 2 types of inhalants that cause inhalants addiction especially the extreme sniffing or medical anaesthetics, butane lighters, whipped cream dispensers, and refrigerants.

Inhalants Addiction Treatment

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is the best place to go to when you or someone you love is suffering from inhalants addiction. Our facility is the perfect sanctuary that offers exclusive, private, and confidential venues for people that are struggling with substance abuse. Inhalants addiction treatment is handled by our expert and trained professionals that have the credentials and experience to provide support and therapy to inhalants addicts. We offer holistic treatments for everyone that need to stop their addiction, right here, right now. Our inhalants addiction treatment includes individual and group counselling sessions while we also support families and loved ones through our counselling therapy intended for them.

Inhalants addiction is not the solution. Canada is grappling with substance abuse that includes illegal inhalants and the fight is a long and daunting one. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is an initiative that is designed to get rid of the inhalants addiction dilemma once and for all. Call us for inquiries and more details!

The Seriousness of the Substance Abuse

Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome is the fatal result of excessive and prolonged inhalants addiction and this is a rising figure in Canada. There are also international statistics that prove the seriousness of getting hooked to inhalants and taking in a significantly large amount.

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