Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction is one of the most alarming issues in Canada and cocaine addiction treatment is one of the many initiatives that are taken to aggressively address the problem. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada helps individuals deal with addiction and undergo the different treatment methods on how to quit cocaine for good. Our successful cocaine addiction treatment center provides 24/7 care and monitoring for patients with severe cocaine abuse and addiction problems.

Cocaine Addiction Recovery and Treatment Methods

Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada offers cocaine addiction treatment in Toronto with a wide range of processes that cater to the individual’s unique needs and case. All our patients undergo the basic cocaine addiction treatment particularly our 3 stages of recovery to help our patients and realize the steps on how to quit cocaine:

  1. Patient Assessment

Our cocaine addiction treatment starts with the comprehensive and thorough evaluation of our patients conducted by our licensed and expert professionals. The result of the evaluation is our basis in formulating a unique treatment program that would help the patient deal with the cocaine addiction problem and provide treatment along the way.

  1. Cocaine Addiction Detox

The detoxification process requires our new residents to go through the cocaine addiction treatment in Toronto with the aim of reducing the withdrawal symptoms of quitting. We have a safe and secure location where you can stay as you undergo and complete the detox program. We have a confidential and private cocaine addiction treatment center where the patient is fully supervised at all times.

  1. Cocaine Addiction Treatment

This phase of the cocaine addiction treatment takes place right after the detoxification process and after the patient is completely stabilized. Depending on the level of cocaine addiction, our residents are required to undergo a rigorous and intensive inpatient cocaine addiction treatment and recovery process.

What is the Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

In order to help patients know how to quit cocaine, our cocaine addiction treatment center observes several treatment methods that include the following cocaine addiction treatment:

1- Individual counselling
2- Group counselling and therapy sessions
3- Anger management
4- Management of cocaine and substance cravings
5- Development of self-esteem and self-awareness
6- Activities toward team and trust building
7- Coping mechanisms
8- Identification and management of the different triggers of relapse
9- Steps on how to have fun while on the road to sobriety

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