Addiction Canada Drug Use Statistics

There is a real face of evil when you look at addictions face to face and most Canadians know that. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is an exclusive Toronto-based rehab and addiction treatment facility that initiates the reduction and total eradication of substance abuse in the country. Addictions have devastating effects not just to the person suffering from the grip of substance abuse but the society as a whole. Put a stop to the destruction of the individual, the family, and the very fibre of the community due to addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Addictions in Canada Today

According to the government-funded statistics and surveys, the cost for addiction treatment has reached up to $22.8 billion in a yearly basis and it is continuously affecting the taxpayers’ money. Canadians are becoming susceptible to addictions due to the continuing drug production and trafficking problems in the country. There is always a threat of illegal drugs and substance abuse and getting help from rehab treatment centers such as Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada is one of the first steps to freedom from addictions.

Commonly Used and Abused Drugs in Canada

On top of alcohol, there are various types of drugs that are commonly used and oftentimes abused among Canadians and here is a list of some of the popular narcotics of choice:

  • Marijuana

Also known as pot, weed or cannabis, marijuana is one of the top drugs that are used and abused in the country and the pending legalization of marijuana in Canada is drawing more concerns. The use of cannabis among Canadians in the 25 year old and up bracket remains steady from the years 2004 to 2015. Over-consumption of cannabis has short-term and long-term effects and when it goes out of control, more permanent damages and even death is a close possibility. Addiction treatment facilities such as Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada are fully equipped with the place and treatment programs to help marijuana addicts before, during, and after the program.

  • Cocaine

There is an increasing number of Canadians that is grappling with the use and abuse of cocaine and despite the fluctuating figures and statistics, the addictions to cocaine remain a pressing issue. Treatment centers help you get the best help you need especially in dealing with the excruciating effects and withdrawal symptoms of cocaine abuse and dependence.

  • Methamphetamine

Meth or crystal meth is one of the top reasons for the rise of crime rates in Canada. Addiction to methamphetamine makes a person prone to violent behaviour, paranoia, and psychosis. Meth abuse also results in weight loss, cerebral haemorrhage, and permanent brain damage, even death when not promptly and effectively addressed.

Drug use and abuse in Canada is a pressing problem that has been bombarding the country for decades now. Combating drug and alcohol problems is an expensive ordeal not just for the government but for private individuals as well. Nonetheless, it is a major issue that could never be ignored especially with the ballooning statistics of drug and alcohol addicts in the country. Find help from Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands Canada to end the gripping devastation of addictions once and for all.